• Draw Your Own Cottage Made Entirely of Candy or Color The One Found here.
  • Cut out the stick puppets found here and retell the story on your own.
  • Use pebbles you find in your yard to make a path from the front yard to the back yard. Then see if your parent or sibling can follow them back to where you started.


  • Visit Sarasota County Library’s website and read “Anansi & The Moss Covered Rock” e-book on your own! CLICK HERE
  • Give Anansi a new design using the free worksheet here.
  • More activities

We would love for you to share a play or story with us!

  • There is a story in all of us – no matter what age. Thanks to one of our favorite teaching resources, TheatreFolk, we’re able to share their playwriting resource with you to bring out your hidden playwright!
  • For those younger playwrights ask a grown up to help.
  • Have fun writing, and please share your stories/plays with us at SandyDavisson@VeniceTheatre.net.