Sat, JUN 24 | 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Auditions from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. in the Pinkerton Theatre

Jeff Daniels – actor, director, musician, and playwright – has picked up on the rage and delivered a screwball comedy about … pickleball. It’s a “pwocking” good time that will “pickle” your funny bone.

Performance Dates: Oct. 27-Nov. 26, 2023

(In the Pinkerton Theatre)

Rehearsals begin Aug. 28, 2023

Perusal Script

Character Breakdowns

6+ Actors Total

2 (identifying) Female

4 (identifying) Male

2-4 actors for recorded or offstage voices to serve as Standbys. Director Ric Goodwin plans at the moment for these 2-4 actors to be in pickleball wardrobe and to also have stage time as stagehands etc.

All actors should be somewhat flexible and able to do floor work and carry a tune.

Ages: 30’s to 70’s (Florida flexible casting)


PERFECT – 30’s to 50’s attractive alpha identifying female, her name describes her, fit: flexible, and athletic, ultra-competitive, Jillian Michaels type. She hates to lose and once killed a man on the court with her kill shot.

BILLIE – 50’s to 70’s gay, widowed, identifying female. She misses her deceased wife and Pickleball partner Betsy, who died on the court. Billie is somewhat athletic, not overly outgoing, attached to her phone, and, as a former collegiate tennis star, she’s a banger on the court.

LARRY – 40’s to 70’s handsome (just ask him) identifying male, a self-anointed ladies’ man, who plays Pickleball strictly to pick up single women. Not a true athlete, but you hate him anyway because he is a natural at everything he tries, including Pickleball.

SHELDON – 50’s to 70’s overweight, formerly athletic, identifying male. He has just injured both butt muscles diving for a shot just inside the line. He is loudmouthed, in excruciating pain, and he waddles rather than walks. Jackie Gleason type.

SPIKE – 40’s to 60’s fit, fairly athletic identifying male. He is Sheldon’s doubles partner, whom Sheldon blames for his injured butt. He might be Jewish and he might not, but he does take offense at being called a Schmuck.

RALPH – 40’s to 60’s eerie, ghostly, identifying male. Alas, he is the unfortunate victim of Perfect’s kill shot. He doesn’t walk. He floats. If Karloff or Vincent Price were alive, they would be the ideal Ralph.

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Ric Goodwin

Ric Goodwin

Ric Goodwin lists over 150 acting/directing credits throughout the U.S. He graduated from Ashland University with a BS in Education, an MA in Theatre from Akron University, and holds an MFA in Acting from Wayne State University where he was a member of the prestigious Hilberry Repertory Company in Detroit Michigan. Early in his career Ric was a stunt man in L.A. He is Professor of Theatre Emeritus from Ashland University following a 30-year teaching career. Since retiring to Florida, Ric has directed numerous productions for Lemon Bay Playhouse and Charlotte Players and also directed 27 Wagons Full Of Cotton for Venice Theatre at the Florida Community Theatre Conference five years ago which won “Best of Festival.” In addition to his freelance acting and directing, Ric also teaches theatre workshops and classes for Venice Theatre. Acting credits at VT include Al in The Sunshine Boys and Grandpa in You Can’t Take It With You. Most recently Ric was seen as Ray in Blackbird and directed last season’s Stage 2 Drama, God’s Country.