Exciting updates!

  • Although our MainStage Jervey Theatre was severely damaged by Hurricane Ian, it is being rebuilt and will open in late 2023 or early 2024.
  • The Raymond Center, located directly behind the main building, is being used as a 124-seat temporary performance space.
  • Our 90-seat Pinkerton Theatre in the main building is being repaired and will reopen in January 2023.
  • Concerts will be held at other local venues, schedule to be announced.
  • Kinky Boots has been moved to the 2023-24 Season and will be performed Jan. 12 – Feb. 11, 2024. Tickets will be available in July 2023.
From Producing Executive Director, Murray Chase

Our community’s response has been rapid, heartwarming, and invigorating. Local arts organizations, human services groups, foundations, businesses, and city officials have reached out, offering immediate help: classroom and office space, operating support, storage, and more. Our friends from around the nation—and the world—have reached out, asking how they can help and sending heartfelt wishes.

To all who have offered condolences and support, we send a huge “thank you.” We will need many things in the next several months to make a full comeback. Your encouragement is vital. And we will need funds, we know; even with good insurance, we will need several million dollars. If you can send help, please do so. We will be forever grateful.

Together, sooner rather than later, and stronger than ever, “we will find a way.”


The Venice Theatre board will match all gifts to the theatre – up to $500,000 – through Dec. 31, 2022. The Board’s action is meant to jumpstart the campaign to return the theatre to its former self.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The west side of the main building, the lobby, the offices, and rehearsal rooms have some water damage, but are intact. We also have two other buildings on campus – The Technical Arts Center (formerly ABC Liquors) and the Raymond Center (old temporary library).

In the Raymond Center where we are building a temporary 124-seat stage, The Pinkerton Theatre, and other venues in town for concerts.

Behind the main building at the north end of the theatre parking lot, next to the bridge. There will be lots of signs to show the way.

Donor Carole Raymond has donated a significant amount to renovate the building into an Arts Education Center. We’ll still be doing that, but the project is delayed because of the hurricane.

A few different organizations in the community are donating space. If you were already registered for a fall class, you have received a new schedule. New class information up on the website at www.venicetheatre.org/education.

  1. Hamlet POV (one-person show starring Vera Samuels telling the story through monologues): Nov. 18 – 20, Raymond Center
  2. A Christmas Carol: Dec. 2 – 19, Raymond Center
  3. Up On the Roof, The Songs of Carole King and James Taylor: Jan. 10 – 29, Raymond Center
  4. The Cemetery Club: Jan. 20 – Feb. 12, Pinkerton Theatre
  5. Gypsy, A Musical Fable: Feb. 17 – March 19, Raymond Center
  6. Arabian Nights: Feb. 24 – March 5, Pinkerton Theatre
  7. Xanadu: March 24 – April 16, Pinkerton Theatre
  8. The Silver Foxes: March 28 – April 2, Raymond Center
  9. Graceland: April 21 – May 7, Raymond Center
  10. Teen Improv: April 30, Raymond Center
  11. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged): May 5 – 21, Pinkerton Theatre
  12. Adult Improv: May 14, Raymond Center
  13. Pinky’s Players: May 19 – 21, Raymond Center
Concerts will be held at other local venues, to be announced.

Tickets will go on sale as soon as possible. The box office is contacting subscribers and ticket holders as quickly as possible to arrange for ticket exchanges.

The box office will be contacting you about options for rescheduling.

As soon as a show goes on sale, tickets are available at www.venicetheatre.org/events or by calling 941-488-1115. New ticket sales will be rolled out gradually.

  • Donate online by clicking here. Choose “theatre restoration” as the category. You may also mail checks to Venice Theatre, 140 Tampa Ave. W., Venice, FL. 34285. Our mail is being held at the post office and being picked up daily.
  • See as many shows as you can!
  • Take a class.

We have excellent wind and storm insurance, but it doesn’t cover anywhere near all of the devastation. Plus, water damage was extensive, due to 12 continuous hours of torrential rain into the collapsed section. Our flood insurance covers storm surge, not “water from above.” And our business interruption insurance will cover a fraction of the operating expenses during the restoration, which may take a full year.

We greatly appreciate all offers of help and support! At this time we have more volunteers than jobs. If you are interested in being placed on our volunteer waiting list please fill out the application. If you have questions, please contact Madeline McGrail at madeline@venicetheatre.net.