25 years of working together!

The collaboration between our two non-profit organizations gives students with intellectual/developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn life skills through theatre study. Participants meet at the theatre twice weekly throughout the season for classes and rehearsals which culminate in a full-scale production on Venice Theatre’s MainStage.

Contact Sandy at 941-486-8679 for more information!

For the past several years, filmmaker Amity Hoffman has been working on a documentary film titled The Best Show In Town. The film tells the inspiring story of our own Loveland Players. It has been built with sweat equity and a lot of volunteer hours and it’s now in the final edit stage.

To learn more about this film’s journey
  • Check out the Indiegogo campaign page.
  • Visit and share the film’s website thebestshowintownfilm.com. There you can read about the film, the cast, and the fantastic team that helped Amity create this film. You can even search the Troupe Near You directory to see if there’s a theater troupe in your state that works with individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
  • Follow the film on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date on the latest news about the film.
About the film:

The Best Show In Town tells the inspiring story of the Loveland Players, a theater troupe of 50 actors all with different developmental challenges that rehearse each year for nine months to produce one of the most engaging performances you’ll ever see. Many of these actors originally came to the group with severe anxiety, extreme shyness, and some of them were even non-verbal. As a result of their participation in theater they have gained life-changing confidence that’s carried over into their daily lives leading some to seek employment in their community and many choosing to live independently of their parents and caregivers.

The film’s mission:

· Bring awareness to the powerful role theater can play in the path to inclusion for many living with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

· Bring awareness to other theater troupes doing similar work to the Loveland Players through the website.

· Give viewers a new perspective on what it means to live with an intellectual/developmental disability.