Director Murray Chase is excited to announce the 2023 cast of “A Christmas Carol!”

Scrooge- Brad Wages
Tiny Tim- David Cowan
Bob Cratchit- Doug Landin
Emily Cratchit- Stacy Gilson
Fred- Emmett Kanapaux
Fred’s Wife/Dancer/Belle Understudy/Cradle to Graver/Others- Delaney Lockwood
Charitable/Party Guest/Others- Richard Mutkoski
Charitable/Party Guest/Others- Liz Pascoe
Caroling Boy/Boy Scrooge/Others- Joey Lockwood
Marley/Older Dick Wilkins/Old Joe/Others- Dennis Berkery
Christmas Past- Hannah Rose Randi
Young Fan/Cockney “Boy”/Others- Cora Clinch
Older Fan/Cradle to Graver/Others- Amy Lee
Young Dick Wilkins/Christmas Future/Others- James Hunek
Young Scrooge- Van Dinverno
Belle/Dancer/Others- Tessa Spingola
Fezziwig/Christmas Present- Neil Kasanofsky
Mrs. Fezziwig- Michelle Kasanofsky
Older Belle/Mrs. Dilber/Others- Yolanda Gangi
Martha Cratchit/Others- Fiona Villalba
Peter Cratchit/Others- Aiden Kraemer
Alfred Cratchit/Young Scrooge Understudy/Others- Silas Thormo
Belinda Cratchit/Others- Reese Erwin
Harriet Cratchit/Others- Grace Cowan
Cradle to Graver/Others- Anna Hunek
Caroline’s Husband/Others- Michael Snyder
Caroline/Dancer/Others- Gabriele Navickis
Wilkins Child/Others- Juliette Maglio