Casting announcements are posted here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have been offered a role, please wait to share the news until after the theatre has made the announcement.

2023-2024 Season Cast Lists

Troupe in a Trunk 2024 Cast

Director Kelly Duyn is happy to announce this year’s cast of our school community engagement program, Troupe in a Trunk! Marilyn Barton Mary Kaufman Julie Larsen Henry Reisinger Rita Williams Standbys/Troupe Alumni: Dan Cole, Dawn Carpenter

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“The Enchanted Bookshop” cast

Director Kelly Duyn is excited to announce the cast of The Enchanted Bookshop! MARGIE Siena Pellicano Standby: Evie Hunter BOMBALURINA Cora Clinch/ Grace Cowan/Violet Donovan MOM/PARENT Kristin Pinkerton Standby: Liliana Muehlhausen CHILD Cora Clinch/ Grace Cowan/Violet Donovan ROBIN HOOD Emmett Kanapaux Standby: Silas Thormo TOM SAWYER Matthew Rowand Standbys: Cora Clinch/ Grace Cowan/Violet Donovan SHERLOCK HOLMES Henry Barre Standby: Liliana Muehlhausen DOROTHY Adalina Petrosky Standby: Hannah Ferguson HEIDI Anna Hunek Standby: Allie Hunter POLLYANNA Sophia Christeas Standbys: Cora Clinch/ Grace Cowan/Violet Donovan … Continued

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Pinky’s Players Cast

Director Rebecca Holahan is delighted to announce the cast of this year’s Pinky’s Players including actors from our Monday night class at Venice Theatre and Thursday night class at The Haven. This year’s theme is the popular television show Hee Haw featuring country music and down-home humor. Congratulations to Bobby Arditi, Katie Bass, Adam Bell, … Continued

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“The Spitfire Grill” Cast

Director Brad Wages is pleased to announce the cast of “The Spitfire Grill.” Percy- Vera Samuels Hannah- Lynne Doyle Shelby- Shannon Maloney Caleb- Brian Rudolph Effy- Megan Hendrick Joe- Dylan Lack Eli- TBA Ensemble- Richard Mutkoski, Allyson Robertson, Jasmin Graham

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Venice Theatre auditions are open to the public. You do not need to have taken any classes or have been in a show before. However, you will be best prepared and more likely to be cast if you know the actor’s process, the vocabulary of acting, basic audition techniques, and know what an actor does. Having had at least some introductory training in acting and auditioning from any reputable source will exponentially enhance your chances of being cast. Venice Theatre offers such opportunities.

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  • Venice Theatre is now requiring monologues for all show auditions. They can be memorized or read.
  • Non-musicals: Usually the Director will have you cold-read a scene or two. Additionally, the Director may have an informal interview or perhaps have you participate in an improvisation.
  • Musicals: Just as in non-musicals, you may be asked to cold-read a scene. You will need to have at least 16 measures of a song memorized. Bring the sheet music so the Musical Director can accompany you. Additionally, the Choreographer will teach you a dance routine appropriate to the show. So wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes if you have them. Hard-soled rubber or tennis shoes are best if you don’t have dance shoes.
Here are some Smart Monologue Audition Practices When Reading with Text in Hand.
  • Eye focus is placed where the Director can see into the actor’s eyes – the windows of the soul.
  • The text is on real paper, not on a tiny cell phone.
  • The paper is placed low, giving the Director full visual access to the actor’s face.
  • The actor comes up off the page and plays action to the imaginary scene partner(s) with a full inner life actively engaged in doing something to and with the imaginary scene partner(s), not just blankly reading words. A story needs to be told.
  • The actor sustains the final moment for several beats in character, puts a button on the audition piece, and gradually transitions to her actor self.
  • Then, she says thank you.
  • The actor had worked with the material prior and was familiar enough with it not to have to read every word.
  • Preparation is crucial. The Director must see your eyes.

If a monologue is required the best sources would be to search the web or your local library and/or book stores for monologue books appropriate for your age.

The general rule is that Directors prefer you to sing a song in the style of the show, but not from show. For instance, if you are auditioning for The King and I, prepare a Rodgers and Hammerstein or other classic musical theater song, but from a different musical. That way the director won’t have to listen to 50 people singing the same song!

  • Sheet music for a musical. Local music stores, bookstores or are good resources for sheet music.
  • Dance shoes for a musical, if you have them.
  • Additionally, if you’d like to bring a headshot or a small recent photograph it can be helpful, but is not necessary.

Most musical directors prefer that you bring sheet music, not a track.

Read the show for which you are auditioning so that you know the story and the characters beforehand. We make perusal scripts available here on the website.

The general rule is that you look nice and wear clothes that you can move in. Dressing slightly to the style of the show is a good idea. For example, a woman would not dress in jeans and a t-shirt for a show such as My Fair Lady. A man would not dress in formal attire when auditioning for Rent.

That varies, depending on the show. If the information you are looking for isn’t on our website, please contact the administrative offices at 941-484-4033.

A director may take as long as 6 weeks to cast a show. We post audition results on the audition page of our website under “Casting Callboard” and on Facebook and Instagram. Some directors will notify you via phone or email.

The range of the rehearsal schedule could vary between 5 to 12 weeks, 4-6 days a week, depending on the show. Traditionally, musicals have a longer rehearsal period. Most rehearsals begin at 7 p.m. and run up to 10 p.m. Children will not be kept as late until the final week of rehearsals. Most Directors will not call you to a rehearsal unless needed, so depending on your role, you may not be required to be there every night.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please call 941-484-4033. Thank you for your interest in Venice Theatre and … BREAK A LEG!

Did you know?

Audition prep workshops, classes, and info sessions are available through our Education & Community Engagement Department.


You will be best prepared and more likely to be cast if you know:

  • The actor’s process
  • The vocabulary of acting
  • Basic audition techniques
  • What an actor does.

Having had at least some introductory training in acting and auditioning from any reputable source will exponentially enhance your chances of being cast.

Learn more, register & browse classes!

We accept self-taped video auditions!

If you are unavailable to attend an audition, we will accept a video submission. Submissions for specific shows must be received no later than the first day of scheduled auditions. You may send a general audition submission at any time. Send a Youtube link or a link from your cloud to

Helpful Tips on Video Auditions

Arts environments require risk, courage, vulnerability, and investment of our physical, emotional and intellectual selves.

Venice Theatre seeks to nurture spaces with strong safety nets that support that ethos without compromising a visceral and authentic experience for artists and audiences.

We believe that even in the absence of high-risk material, having pathways for response to unsafe conditions and harassment help to maintain the integrity of the work, its participants, and the organization.

House Rules will be provided at first rehearsal and must be read and signed. Full Venice Theatre Operating Standards will also be available.

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