Casting announcements are posted here and on our Facebook and Instagram. If you have been offered a role, please do not share the news until after the theatre has made the announcement. Thank you.

2022-2023 Season Cast Lists

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare …” Cast

Congratulation to Emma Russell, Nancy Denton, Alison Guerrero, Stacy Gilson, Cait Spain (Phipps), and Ariella Pizarro Johnson for being cast in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] [again]! Adam – Emma Russell Jess – Nancy Denton Daniel – Alison Guerrero-Heideman Standby (Emma)/company – Stacy Gilson Standby (Nancy)/company – Cait Spain-Phipps Standby (Alison)/company – … Continued

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“Graceland” and “Asleep On the Wind” Cast

Congratulation to Ali Wasmund, Pam Hayes, Patrick Mounce, London McMinn and Susie Lowe for being cast in our evening of two one-act plays by Ellen Byron. PRINCIPALS Ali Wasmund Rootie Mallert in Graceland | Rootie Dejaun in Asleep on the Wind Pam Hayes Bev Davies in Graceland Patrick Mounce Beau Dejaun in Asleep on the Wind STANDBYS London McMinn – … Continued

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Troupe in a Trunk Cast

Welcome to this spring’s troupe! Dan Cole, Dawn Carpenter, Francesca Mendolia, Marilyn Barton, Melanie Paul, Henry Reisinger, Nancy Menaldi-Scanlan, and Rita Mazer.

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“Arabian Nights” Cast Update

Director Kelly Duyn is pleased to announce her updated cast for Arabian Nights: King Shahryar- Ross Boehringer King Shahryar Understudy/Ensemble- Louis Duchin Vizier- Gary Cook Vizier Understudy/ Ensemble- Drew Washburn Shahrazad- Stacy Gilson Dinarzad- Sophia Soriano Ensemble: Ava Dillhyon, Marisa Fordham, Emmett Kanapaux, Kate McKinnis, Liliana Muehlhausen, Hannah Randi, Michael Snyder, Auggie Toynton, Ali Wasmund

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“Gypsy, A Musical Fable” Cast

From Director Kristofer Geddie: Thanks to all who auditioned.  For those who were not cast, I look forward to working with you in the future. Those whose names appear on the list should signify their acceptance of the role(s) by sending an e-mail to stage manager KaCie Ley at Please indicate any additional conflicts you may … Continued

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“The Cemetery Club” Cast

Director Brad Wages is pleased to announce the cast of The Cemetery Club! Ida – Jan Wallace Lucille – Gina Scarda Doris – Loretta Zullo Sam – Jim Parise Mildred – Sandi Wall Congratulations!

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“A Christmas Carol” 2022 Cast

From Director Murray Chase: Thanks to all who auditioned.  We could have cast the show in at least three different ways, due to the high quality of auditions. For those who were not cast, I look forward to working with you in the future. Those whose names appear on the list should signify their acceptance … Continued

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“Up On the Roof” Cast

Director Scott Keys and Music Director Michelle Kasanofsky are pleased to announce the cast of Up on the Roof, the Songs of Carole King and James Taylor Priscilla Bagley Igna Cote Caitlin Ellis Jason Ellis Tony Huffer

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Teen Improv Troupe -Fall 2022

Director Natalia Mock is happy to introduce this fall’s TEENY BOPPERS! Allie Hunter Ava Dillhyon Avery Vance Delaney Lockwood Ella Piotrowski Evie Hunter Gianna Weerasooriya Hannah Randi Haylee Fadley Katelin Lane Michael Snyder Nikolas Messer Riley Vance

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“Xanadu” Updated Cast List

Co-directors/choreographers Katrina Ploof and Vanessa Russo are pleased to announce the updated cast for Xanadu. New dates: March 24 – April 16! Clio/Kira– Caitlin Ellis Sonny– Joey Panek Melpomene– Alyssa Goudy Calliope– Jamie Becker Danny– Ken Basque Thalia- Brian Craft Erato– Brenna Griffith Terpsichore/Young Danny– Tanner Fults Euterpre– Julie Kulin Ensemble/Head Skater- Kristin Collins Musical … Continued

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“Kinky Boots” Cast

Brad Wages is pleased to announce the cast of Kinky Boots! Please email your acceptance or decline to with your headshot and bio. Rehearsals start Monday, Aug. 22.   bootsCharlie Price: Tanner Fults Lola/Simon: Kristofer Geddie Don: Joseph Giglia George: Tony Boothby Pat: Andrea Keddell Nicola: Ariella Pizzaro Johnston Trish: Angie Benardo Lauren: Olivia Turpening Mr. … Continued

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“Godspell JR” Cast

  Director Kelly Duyn is pleased to announce her cast for Godspell JR: Jesus: Sydne Hirshman Judas: Addie Ross John the Baptist: Michael Snyder Lily Aaronson Addison Barber Bowen Batty Natasha Bensen Kaleen Callahan Piper Cusimano Van Dinverno Lily Figueroa Jack Gingras Kate Gingras Anna Hunek Evie Hunter Allie Hunter Emily Kelly Kameron Kozee Ava Lopez Juliette Maglio … Continued

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“God’s Country” Cast

Director Ric Goodwin is pleased to announce his cast for God’s Country: ACTOR ONE – Charley Riggs (7 roles) ACTOR TWO – Kathi Faulkner (Leatherman, Attorney for Randy Duey; Judith Berg) ACTOR THREE – Jimmie Choate (Berg) ACTOR FOUR – Lynne Doyle (Mueller, Prosecuting attorney; Wife of the farmer) ACTOR FIVE – Henry Barre (Parmenter) ACTOR … Continued

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“The Revolutionists” Cast

Director Candace Artim is pleased to announce her cast for THE REVOLUTIONISTS! Olympe De Gouges: Alyssa Goudy Marianne Angelle: Gabbie Magner Charlotte Corday: Michael Longobardi Marie-Antoinette: Natalia Mock Standby for Olympe De Gouges, Charlotte Corday, and Marie-Antoinette: Alison Guerrero-Heideman Standby for Marianne Angelle: Lisa Willis Richardson

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Venice Theatre auditions are open to the public. You do not have to have taken any classes or have been in a show before. However, you will be best prepared and more likely to be cast if you know the actor’s process, the vocabulary of acting, basic audition techniques, and know what an actor does. Having had at least some introductory training in acting and auditioning from any reputable source will exponentially enhance your chances of being cast. Venice Theatre offers such opportunities.

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Non-musicals: Usually the Director will have you cold-read a scene or two. Additionally, the Director may have an informal interview or perhaps have you participate in an improvisation. If a monologue is required, that will be included in the audition information for the individual show.
Musicals: Just as in non-musicals, you may be asked to read a scene and if a monologue is required, that will be included in the audition information for the individual show. You will need to have at least 16 measures of a song memorized. Bring the sheet music so the Musical Director can accompany you. Additionally, the Choreographer will teach you a dance routine appropriate to the show. So wear comfortable clothes and dance shoes if you have them. Hard-soled rubber or tennis shoes are best if you don’t have dance shoes.

• Sheet music for a musical. Local music stores, bookstores or are good resources for sheet music.
• Dance shoes for a musical, if you have them.
• Additionally, if you’d like to bring a headshot or a small recent photograph it can be helpful, but is not necessary.

Most musical directors prefer that you bring sheet music, not a track.

If a monologue is required the best sources would be to search the web or your local library and/or book stores for monologue books appropriate for your age.

Read the show for which you are auditioning so that you know the story and the characters beforehand. We make perusal scripts available here on the website.

The general rule is that Directors prefer you to sing a song in the style of the show, but not from show. For instance, if you are auditioning for The King and I, prepare a Rodgers and Hammerstein or other classic musical theater song, but from a different musical. That way the director won’t have to listen to 50 people singing the same song!

A director may take as long as 6 weeks to cast a show. We post audition results on the audition page of our website under “Casting Callboard” and on Facebook and Instagram. Some directors will notify you via phone or email.

The general rule is that you look nice and wear clothes that you can move in. Dressing slightly to the style of the show is a good idea. For example, a woman would not dress in jeans and a t-shirt for a show such as My Fair Lady. A man would not dress in formal attire when auditioning for Rent.

That varies, depending on the show. If the information you are looking for isn’t on our website, please contact the administrative offices at 941-484-4033.

The range of the rehearsal schedule could vary between 5 to 12 weeks, 4-6 days a week, depending on the show. Traditionally, musicals have a longer rehearsal period. Most rehearsals begin at 7 p.m. and run up to 10 p.m. Children will not be kept as late until the final week of rehearsals. Most Directors will not call you to a rehearsal unless needed, so depending on your role, you may not be required to be there every night.

If you have questions that are not answered here, please call 941-484-4033. Thank you for your interest in Venice Theatre and … BREAK A LEG!

If you are unable to attend scheduled auditions

we will accept a video submission. Submissions for specific shows must be received no later than the first day of scheduled auditions. You may send a general audition submission at any time. Send a Youtube link or a link from your cloud to

Helpful Tips on Video Auditions

Did you know?

Audition prep workshops and classes are available through our Education & Community Engagement Department.

Why take a class?

You will be best prepared and more likely to be cast if you know:

  • The actor’s process
  • The vocabulary of acting
  • Basic audition techniques
  • What an actor does.

Having had at least some introductory training in acting and auditioning from any reputable source will exponentially enhance your chances of being cast.

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Venice Theatre seeks to nurture spaces with strong safety nets that support that ethos without compromising a visceral and authentic experience for artists and audiences.

We believe that even in the absence of high-risk material, having pathways for response to unsafe conditions and harassment help to maintain the integrity of the work, its participants, and the organization.

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