Dancing, Acting, Singing!

The Silver Foxes are a professionally-directed volunteer troupe who have been bringing entertainment to the area for 25+ years. These young-at-heart retirees act, sing and dance! Their reputation has spread far and wide with audience and booking demands growing every season.

They travel throughout the area from November to April performing at communities, organizations and other venues. Each spring, they bring us a full-scale production, led by VT’s own Brad Wages, director extraordinaire!

Currently they are in their 31st year and are rehearsing, rehearsing, rehearsing, for their road shows and upcoming February show. They are a foundation of VT’s community engagement.

Recently, they performed at a Veteran’s Day event, their performance bringing tears to the eyes of several of the event’s participants. They were one of the first faces the public saw after Ian, helping VT to begin recovery.  VT loves their Silver Foxes.

Brad Wages

Brad Wages

Lead Instructor

An award-winning actor, director and choreographer, Brad’s work has been seen across the United States and Canada. He holds a B.F.A. from the University of Oklahoma and served as assistant director to Broadway directors Fran Soeder and Joe Layton. He has been seen in a number of national theatre tours and national commercials. He is thrilled to call Venice Theatre “home” and to have the privilege of guiding the next generation of young actors to the stage.

Watch a sneak peek!

The Silver Foxes are available for performances from November through April.*

Their roadshow performances are perfectly suited for community centers, clubhouses and any venue where there is access to a dance floor. The troupe will provide an entertaining, humorous and delightful hour of songs, skits and tap dancing that will delight your audience. You’ll want to make the show an annual event! To book THE SILVER FOXES contact Sandy Davisson, Director of Education and Community Engagement.

*Sometimes even in the summer!

The nominal fee to hire the Foxes goes toward Education and Community Engagement programs for community youth to participate in performance art education, and helps to fund some of our other community engagement programs as The Boys & Girls Club partnership.

Phone: 941-486-8679 | Email: SandyDavisson@VeniceTheatre.net.

Auditions are held each September for singers, dancers, and actors age 55 and older. This season actors and singers will audition on September 16, 9-11:30 a.m. in The Raymond Center. Auditions for dancers will be September 24, 9-11:30 a.m at Star’s Choice Dance Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Silver Foxes are comprised of actors, tap dancers and singers, as well as backstage crew. In any given year, we total approximately 52 people. This number varies each year based on the needs and desires of Director, Brad Wages.

Yes. Each year, both current and hopeful Foxes will go through auditions. The Director, along with the Musical Director and Tap Choreographer, will select those individuals for that years show.

No. The Foxes are a volunteer troupe and there is no annual fee to belong. However, we present a unified look when out as a troupe in public and for that reason, you are expected to pay a $30 fee for your Silver Foxes shirt.

There is a lot that goes into putting on the show each year. The Director is aware that things can come up and an occasional rehearsal or class might be missed, however it is expected that Foxes will make a strong commitment to the troupe and make classes and rehearsals a priority. Should too many be missed, you may be asked to step down.

The actors and singers use a combination of clothes they own as well as some that are borrowed from Venice Theatre’s Costume Dept. The dancers pay for their own costumes and that cost, typically, runs around $200 a season

Yes. Occasionally, throughout the season, The Foxes take advantage of some community events to spread the word about the troupe. These can number as few as four and as many as ten. They require only a few hours of your time as we ask several people to cover the same event in shifts. Only by ALL Foxes volunteering to take turns at these events can it assure equal distribution of time and effort.

No. The Road Shows, numbering anywhere from 10-20 each year, are comprised of a shortened version of the previous years show. Then in March, at Venice Theatre, the “new” show is premiered. Therefore, during the season, rehearsals are going on with both last years shortened show for performance at Road Shows and this year’s show that will open in March at Venice Theatre.

No. As a new Silver Fox in year one, you would not be expected to learn last years show or participate in Road Shows. However, in year two and going forward, you would be expected to participate in both Road Shows and the March show.

Just that it is a big commitment but such a fulfilling role. The Silver Foxes bring inspiration, entertainment and joy to all those whom they perform for and touch. Also, all proceeds from the Road Shows and ticket sales are put into the Venice Theatre’s Education and Engagement area for use within the community to help fund youth programs in theatre classes as well as other community opportunities.