From Director Kristofer Geddie:

Thanks to all who auditioned.  For those who were not cast, I look forward to working with you in the future.

Those whose names appear on the list should signify their acceptance of the role(s) by sending an e-mail to stage manager KaCie Ley at

Please indicate any additional conflicts you may have between now and March 19, 2023.

Please look for an email with rehearsal schedule, information, etc.

Tony Boothby: Herbie

Dawn Carpenter: Tessie Tura

Carver Cleveland: Boy Scout, Ensemble

Cora Clinch: Baby June

Charlotte Crowley: Female Swing

Dianne Dawson: Rose

Kristina Djordjevicora: Mary Ella, Reneé, Showgirl, Ensemble

Derek Dutcher: Jocko, Phil, Weber, Rich Man, Ensemble

Allie Hunter: Balloon Girl, Farm Boy, Newsboy Understudy, Ensemble

Evie Hunter: Agnes, Newsboy, Farm Boy Understudy, Showgirl, Ensemble

Sandy Kenny: Electra

Kim Kollar: Ms. Cratchitt, Mazeppa

John Lemon: Pop, Mr. Goldstone, Pastey, Bourgeron-Cochon, Ensemble

Delaney Lockwood: Dainty June

Juliette Maglio: Clare, Baby June & Baby Louise Swing, Junior Dance Captain

Shannon Maloney: Louise

Fiona Marie: Marjorie May, Ensemble

Joah Martin: Urchin

Addie Miller: Baby Louise

Andrew Morgan Larkin: Tulsa, Georgie, Cigar

Cooper Nielson: Yonkers, Ensemble

Addie Ross: Edna Mae, Showgirl, Ensemble

Avery Vance: Gail, Back Half of Caroline the Cow, Ensemble

Coal, Picasso, and Pixie will share the role of Chowsie