Venice Theatre is fortunate to have teens in our midst who are talented, intelligent and fun to be around.

We are always looking for new ways to challenge them. Recently, a group of young actors, with the support of the Education & Outreach Department, proposed a new program that allows them to spread their wings and rise to a new level of leadership in the organization.

The Youth Production Company (YPC):

  • creates opportunities for high school age students to develop exceptional & unique portfolio material for college applications.
  • creates additional performance and technical opportunities for area youth.
  • creates an environment for students to create art on their own terms, where they are responsible for all aspects of the project.
  • develops 21st century workplace skills (collaboration, communication, problem solving, and creativity)

We are delighted to report that the first YPC play was presented in January of 2019. Almost, Maine completely sold out its three performances. We can’t wait to see what the troupe does next!