Be part of the team that creates the team that brings the shows to life! If you’ve ever been curious about how the audition process works, this is the job for you. Maybe you’re interested in performing on stage, but not ready to take that leap yet. Helping out at auditions, especially as a scene reader, will familiarize you with the process and the people involved.

You can also be a much-needed calming presence to the brave actors, singers, and dancers putting their talents on display in hopes of getting the part.

Specific Jobs
  • Audition Runners – organize and help complete paperwork, take actor photos, keep things running in a timely manner. Training is provided on the spot. We’re looking for volunteers with:
    • attention to detail
    • light management skills (crowd control, organization)
    • friendly presence
  • Scene Readers– people to read scenes cold with actors when asked by the director. The only requirement is reading ability/fluency. Great job for actors or potential actors.
Time Commitment

specific times for each audition. Up to an hour prior and 30 minutes post. Up to 5 hours for each audition? Afternoon and evening opportunities.

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