Val WaltersOur Town Sarasota

A comedy, inspired by a true story, of a group of English women from Yorkshire, all friends, meeting regularly for conversation, gossip, and tea. Suddenly one of their husbands, discovers he has terminal cancer. Although this subject can be tough and at times, will bring you to tears, I want to assure everyone, you will be uplifted.

Calendar Girls1

The story tells of their journeys, the conflicts and struggles between them, and their ultimate decision to help their friend, by raising eyebrows and raising funds, to buy a settee, in their friend’s memory and raise Cancer awareness, but how they plan to do this is quite controversial, by posing nude for a calendar.


Being of British descent myself, and having a husband with 4th-stage cancer, I applaud the actor’s attempts, at difficult British accents and their extraordinary sensitivity to the awkwardness of the subject of Cancer. Their decision to raise funds by posing nude in a calendar was daring and unexpected.


It was a fine example of women supporting each other through their struggles. Although the stage set and lighting lacked a bit of luster, this group of women made up for it, with their charming sensitivity and ability to make the audience laugh, while rallying the others to bare themselves, for a good cause. Overall an inspiring play from start to finish displaying a true sense of community, dear friendships, and inner strength.