Director Ric Goodwin is pleased to announce his cast for God’s Country:

ACTOR ONE – Charley Riggs (7 roles)

ACTOR TWO – Kathi Faulkner (Leatherman, Attorney for Randy Duey; Judith Berg)

ACTOR THREE – Jimmie Choate (Berg)

ACTOR FOUR – Lynne Doyle (Mueller, Prosecuting attorney; Wife of the farmer)

ACTOR FIVE – Henry Barre (Parmenter)

ACTOR SIX – Megan Hendrick (Zillah; Student; Anath White; Ms. Wiggens)

*ACTOR SEVEN – Tanmart Selby (7 roles)

ACTOR EIGHT – Daniel T. Cole (7 roles)

*ACTOR NINE – Brandonn Dominique (4 roles)

ACTOR TEN – Jeremy Guerrero-Heideman (Mathews; Skinhead)

ACTOR ELEVEN – Rik Robertson (Candidate; Mr. Jones; Ruark, Attorney for Bruce Pierce; Voice of the Court (except where noted)

BOY – Brennan Reisinger