Xanadu playing now at Venice Theatre 

Based on a book by Douglas Carter Beane. Music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar.

An ageless Greek muse known dually as Clio and Kira, wonderfully played by Sarah Beth Ganey ( at the last minute!) encourages a suicidal artist down in the dumps, Sonny Malone, played by Joey Panek, to team up with Danny McGuire, played by Kenneth P. Basque, to build an art-filled roller disco skating rink called Xanadu.

The story unfolds with optimism and soaring vocals from lead Sarah Beth Ganey as well as Joey Panek and their supporting cast, as well as comedy and dance. Combined with bright costumes and scenes.

Xanadu, 2023


Songs describe a place where anyone can be a shooting star or where the dream in you can come true.

Muses led by Clio also known as Kira, arrive through time’s trap door via a mural to bring art back to the ’80s.

With glitzy scene changes and loads of laughter, watch as Malone goes from his suicidal funk to falling head over heels in love with the goddess muse from Greek mythology. Their fantasy unfolds telling of their forbidden love between earthling and goddess muse. Goddesses go crazy with big music, big voices, and big hair too, with a dose of comedy added!

Not to mention the roller skating, all in the Pinkerton section of Venice Theatre.

Zeus, also well played by Kenneth P. Basque, eventually changes his mind in which he was vehemently opposed to a goddess feeling love, despite the fact it’s with an earthling. Aphrodite triumphs and the young lovers go skating, as Zeus is pulling the strings, everyone gets to love happily for the next few millennia.

A light-hearted, enjoyable time for all ages.


Kira/Clio: Sarah Beth Ganey

Sonny: Joey Panek

Melpomene: Alyssa Goudy

Calliope: Jamie Becker

Danny: Ken Basque

Thalia: Charlotte Crowley

Erato: Brenna Griffith

Terpsichore/ Young Danny: Tanner Fults

Euterpe: Julie Kulin

Ensemble/Head Skater: Kristin Collins

Playing at Venice Theatre now through April 16th.